About Us

The United Arab Emirates Nation.

Knight Tours is a locally based tourism company, which has been established over 15 years ago. The company is dealing with all kinds of Incoming Services like transfers, hotel bookings, tour and safari organization and is additionally offering special programs for the MICE market. With a fleet of 35 Off-Road cars and a number of other vehicles, Knight Tours is the only company in Dubai which has exclusive local drivers. Therefore the clients can get to know to the local habits and traditions during their excursions. All our drivers are well-experienced and know the desert like their own home.

The company has two branches in Dubai and moreover owns a traditional Bedouin camp in the desert. The owner family of the company has deep roots with the Bedouin culture and therefore all guests will get an unique insight into the traditional life of the U.A.E.

Knight Tours is offering a personalized service on a high level of quality.

There for Knight Tours is trying to meet all the individual expectations of its clients perfectly and is doing strong efforts to improve its performance every day.