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The United Arab Emirates Nation.

There is a large number of future projects in Dubai and many of these projects are outstanding and absolutely unique in the world. All spectacular projects are the result of a wisely future planning, as the Dubai Government focuses already the time after the big oil rush. To be independent of the countries oil resources, all these projects should bring the future wealth into the country. They are being built to attract a large number of tourists, business people and investors into the country. Here is a choice of the most outstanding projects:

Three Islands each shaped like a palm tree (one on Jumeirah Beach, one bear Jebel Ali and one in Deira), wich will host different hotels, resorts, villas and entertainment areas.

Archipelago of around 200 islands, which will be arranged in the form of the world map. Most of the islands are bought by private investors and only a few will be opened to public.


Another new shopping mall, in which you will find different kinds of extensive gardens.

Will become the highest building in the world, around you will find huge housing and entertainment facilities.

A new part of the city will be created on the back of Jumeirah Beach, with different kinds of housing areas, one of the largest marinas in the world and a huge entertainment complex.

With a big multifunctional area where concerts, shows, meetings and conferences will be held. Around a large number of entertainment facilities will be situated.

A huge leisure land with different theme areas like for example a dino hall, a tropical hall and so on. It will be the Middle East’s biggest Fun park.

City with 35 theme hotels, all with huge entertainment facilities.