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The United Arab Emirates Nation.

A part from our diving packages to Oman we are also offering cultural visits to the most historical sites of this astonishing country. Explore with us the hidden treasures of the mysterious city of Muscat or stroll through the narrow streets of the ancient town of Nizwa, which lies in a beautiful scenery. Additionally to the cities, Oman offers beautiful lash oasis villages and you will be fascinated from the beautiful coastline. You will learn a lot about the roots of the arabic culture, as the museums of Oman count to the best in the arabic world.
A walk through the oriental souks of Muscat and Nizwa, where you can find all kinds of spices and the famous silver jewellery, is moreover a pleasant activity.

A trip to Oman stands in a big contrast to the modern and international metropolis of Dubai, but for sure it will give you another Arabic experience which is worth the journey.

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