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The United Arab Emirates Nation.

On this tour you will first see all the sights of Hatta, which are explained in the Hatta Trek Tour. Afterwards you proceed to the small village of Kalba, which is surrounded by a mangrove forest and you will have a visit to the hot springs of Ain Gaymour. Then the Indian Ocean lies in front of you and you can already smell the salty breeze around you.

You then reach the city of Fujairah, where you will stop at the local museum for a short visit. We then move on to Khor Fakkan, where you will have your delicious lunchbox at the seaside or a buffet lunch at the hotel.

Our next stop is the picturesque Al Badiya Mosque, which is one of the oldest mosques in the country. Our last “must-see” for that day is the small coastal village of Dibbah. After the visit there, we drive directly back on the main road to Dubai. We will only stop at the popular Friday market (which is open every day!), where you can buy your original U.A.E. souvenir.